Mid Western Electrical Services Division
Mid Western Electrical Services Division


We put the power in your hands

Electricity is something that you should never play with (its serious business), that’s why as a company we have professionals whose job is to install new outlets, appliances, electrical wiring, panels and any other thing that’s related to electricity. We believe in quality installation that’s why our lines are open 24/7, if you need anything installed in your home feel free to call us and yes even if its 2 am on Christmas eve.

When it comes to lighting we have you covered be it holiday lighting, security lighting, special lighting, landscape lighting etc you can always depend on us. Light has a way of enhancing the appearance of your home but only if done right, this means that if you hire amateurs to fix your lighting your home won’t be pretty also it can be a hazard. You see the thing is most fires or injuries caused by electricity are most times the result of poor workmanship which why we have a crew that specializes in old construction and new construction.

For instance holiday lighting, if you hire the wrong person to do the job you should know that you are putting your family in harm’s way. Festive lights attract children this means that when installing the lights it is a must to child proof them. As a company we believe in keeping our clients and their family’s safe, that’s why we place electrical fires and preventive measures as our priority.

Look, we know that you can’t keep an eye on your kids at all time, that’s why make sure that we childproof all outlets and installations in your home. This means that you can rest easy knowing that every single person in your home is safe from electricity.

When we work on your home safety is our number one priority, our goal is to keep your family and property safe. We have a clean record, this means that no single home in Vancouver that we have worked on has ever burnt down as a direct result of electricity.

We assure you quality

You work hard for your home and we respect that, that’s why we send our courteous technicians who respect your privacy and home. We won’t interfere with anything that we are not supposed to, we have a quality assurance system whose aim is to prevent defects and mistakes. We also offer you a guarantee; if something goes wrong we will fix it for you at no extra charge.

Upfront pricing

Money is always a touchy subject, that’s why we came up with pricing system that is upfront and easy to understand. There are no hidden fees or anything, what we do is, look at the job, and show you how much it will cost. We will clearly explain to you what we are going to do and why before the job begins, this way you can rest easy knowing how much the job will cost.

Why hire us

We have insured electricians, licensed experts, an upfront pricing system, guaranteed workmanship and parts, free quotes and on top of all that we have special offers what more could you ask for?

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