New Construction Services

new-constructionHere at Mid Western Electrical Services Division we believe in quality and safety that’s why we are the number one electrical company in Vancouver, when it comes to new construction electrical services we have a five point system that works. We came up with this system to help our clients understand exactly what we are doing and for quality control purposes.

The process starts with the initiation phase:

Phase 1: Initiation

As the client you will have to initiate the process by sending a request for our services, when you do we will send you a response that is based on your request. The response will contain a reference number that will be used to identify your project for the entirety of its life cycle.

The requirements here are approved plans for the building, location of the building and billing information. To make things easier you should visit our offices or talk to one of our representatives our lines are always open. Generally at this stage we will listen to your request and find the best way forward, as a company we deal in a diverse range of services suitable for different needs such as concrete drilling, framing and even have quick access to plumbing and heating specialists through our trade partners at, so feel free to contact us and discuss your project in detail.

Phase 2: Scheduling

After discussing the project the next stage involves setting up a start date, here we will agree on a date that suits both parties. What you must do is first talk to your construction representative and if there are changes you should inform us before hand.

Phase 3: Implementation

When the day comes the work will begin, on your part what you have to do is ensure that the work site is ready i.e. ensure that its clear of debris and that its ready for electricity installation. This will avoid delays and the work is completed on time.

Phase 4: Inspection

Note that the building has to be inspected before the work begins and after completion, this is done by local your local electric division. Inspection is done for safety reasons for both the workers and people who will reside in that building. As company we understand the importance of safety that’s why we only send certified insured electricians to work on your project.

Phase 5: Meter installation

After the building is deemed safe for installation we will install the meter.

We do it right

If you choose to work with us you can rest easy knowing that we got you covered with anything related to electricity, we have crack teams of professionals, expert technicians and quality assurance department whose job is to ensure that nothing goes wrong. We get it right the first time this save you time, money and allows you to meet deadlines.

Our clients

We service a diverse array of clients, our customers include retail spaces, churches, restaurants, warehouses, multifamily units, homes etc. we also install security systems and custom lighting for homes and commercial properties and as an added advantage we will help you lower your energy bills.