Residential Electric Services

electrical3Electricity is a huge part of modern living in Vancouver, we depend on it for heat, light, cooking, computers, televisions, smart phones etc. this means that when something goes wrong e.g. your outlets stop functioning life becomes difficult, when this happens and it will you can count on us Mid Western Electrical Services Department. Our goal is to make your life easy, that’s why our call centers are open 24/7 and 365 days a year.

You can call us for any project that is related to electricity in Vancouver doesn’t matter how small or big we are here for you.

Diagnosis and repair

We have a system that will save you time and money, when you call our offices we will send a team of fully licensed trained professionals to find the problem and repair it. This will save you time and money; our quality assurance program ensures that the workmanship and products used in your home are safe.

Keep up with time

The world of technology moves very fast, this means that if you don’t keep up to date you will be left behind. If you have an aging electrical system we can replace it with a modern user friendly system that will make your life easier. And as an added advantage we can also help you learn how to lower your electric bills.

Home improvement

Your home is your castle so let it fit that title; there are many advantages that come with electricity related home improvements. We can upgrade your lighting, fans, heating systems, circuit breakers and many more. We also handle special custom projects that you may need such as electric vehicle charging stations or even wiring your game room.

Security and safety

electricity is very dangerous that’s why we only hire certified fully insured experts to handle your projects, their job is to ensure that you home is an electrocution free zone, we also aim to protect your property from fire and any other risk that is related to electricity. If you feel that your home is at risk you should schedule an electrical safety inspection today. Remember this is for your own good that of your family.


Truth is if you are still using old electrical systems you have to pay a lot of money in electric bills each month, if that’s the case you should know that we have a solution for your problem. We have an array of energy efficient affordable lighting solutions that will work for your home and we are not just talking indoors we also do outdoor projects.

Our maintenance plan

Our teams of trained professionals always get it right the first time, you won’t have to worry about shoddy workmanship, low quality materials or any other similar worry. And as an added plus if any problems are detected we will correct the issue at no extra charge, so you can rest easy knowing that we have everything covered, now what are you waiting for? Call us today our line are always open.